IDEATION intends to create entrpreneurial and innovation capacity and to enhance HEIs’ impact on surrounding ecosystems through the implementation of 6 dedicated actions boosting innovativeness and entrepreneurial skills, as well as preparing adaptation plan and traferring best practices between consortium entities from more experiences HEIs to others.

Each actions from the IDEATION Innovation Vision Action Plan (IVAP) is planned to be realized in separate Work Packages:


WP1 Infrastructure Sharing

Action 1 – Digital access to infrastructure [Leader: WUST]

The aim of WP1 is to use digital resources that provide access to physical infrastructure (hi-tech equipment and devices, rooms and spaces, software, etc.) of organizations and increase its utilization degree according to the Infrastructure Sharing concept, which is an element of Open Innovation 2.0 – Sharing Economy. The main goal of WP1, which is a significant improvement of infrastructure utilization rate, will be achieved by building a community of users of the Open Innovation & Infrastructure Sharing platform ( and actively supporting sharing process. IDEATION plans to have 300 infrastructures available on the platform and 15 successful sharings.

WP2 Triangle Networks for strenghtening partnerships

Action 2 – Knowledge Triangle Networks  [Leader: HIT]

The aim of WP2 is to establish new and enhance existing collaborations of organizations focused on pro-innovative approaches. We want to improve collaboration and knowledge exchange with industry, public sector and society. This will be achieved by creating Knowledge Triangle Networks based on clustering methodology. The idea is to cluster potential partners based on their experience to gather and group regional innovation actors thanks to Synergy Profiling Tool ( This will build a database of 200 organizations which will be a basis for implementing matchmaking functionality based on data mining that supports building relationships and cooperation between innovative organizations.

WP3 Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding for development innovations and businesses

Action 3 – Crowd Innovation Action [Leader: ULL]  &  Action 4 – Testing crowdfunding opportunities [Leader: ULL]

The aim of WP3 is to contribute to develop innovations and businesses in HEIs, especially by creating structures and conditions for innovation-driven research and facilitate access to financing for HEIs entrepreneurs. It is planned to use an innovation-driven environment based on crowdsourcing. One of the changes that we want to make is facilitating access to private financing, for both student and graduate entrepreneurs, to develop HEIs entrepreneurial eco-system by educating about crowdfunding (CF) and testing it. To achieve this, an Open Innovation platform will be used – Synergy Platform (, an online tool where different types of newly designed services enhancing crowd innovation initiatives are available – it enables setting up cooperation and microworking, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing. To create structures and conditions for innovation-driven research IDEATION will implement Crowd Innovation Action, while to financing IDEATION will implement Testing crowdfunding opportunities.

WP4 Open Innovation in Science: Quality of innovation and entrepreneurial education

Action 5 – Pre Incubation Program [Leader: FIR] and Action 6 – International Open Innovation Training [Leader: FIR]

The aim of WP4 is to increase the quality of innovation and support entrepreneurial education through implementation of Open Innovation based solutions, approaches and models. To support innovation and entrepreneurial curricula, Pre Incubation Program (PIP) will be developed and implemented. As an extra-curricular activity related to entrepreneurship education will be an intense 3 months program created to empower ambitious first-time start-up entrepreneurs. To support entrepreneurial education and increase innovation quality an International Open Innovation Training  program on entrepreneurship, Open Innovation 1.0 & 2.0 and Social Product Development (SPD) will be developed and implemented. Training will cover state-of-the-art approaches, methods and case studies in entrepreneurship with a special focus on Open Science and SPD.

WP5 Management

[Leader: WUST]

It concernes the day-to-day project coordination and quality assurance activities. Its main objective is to create an efficient governance structure guaranteeing the overall coordination of the project and coordination among WPs to achieve the proposed objectives and deliver high-quality results within the given timeframe and budget.

WP6 Communication & Exploitation

[Leader: CRIT]

This WP aims to communicate and disseminate the work and outcomes of the project, during and after the project’s duration. It includes activities that will lead to creating a suitable framework for awareness of the project’s achievements and outputs following a coherent strategy.