The project intends to transform participating HEIs into universities of significantly increased entrepreneurial and innovation capacity and to enhance their impact on surrounding ecosystems.

IDEATION’s unique approach is based on Open Innovation, Sharing Economy and Social Product Development, as we are facing a major shift in the way how people work, innovate and study. IDEATION sees a path in HEIs transformation towards universities of increased entrspreneurial and innovation capacity through Open Science by implementing an Innovation Vision Plan (IVAP) focused on 6 actions:

Action 1

Digital access to infrastructure (Domain 1; Action: Infrastructure development (incl. digital infrastructure)

Action 4

Testing crowdfunding opportunities (Domain 3; Action: Utilise testbeds and other types of platforms)

Action 2

Knowledge Triangle Networks (Domain 2; Action: Establish new collaborations and enhance nature, content and types of collaborations with external partners)

Action 5

Pre Incubation Program (Domain 4; Action: Develop innovation and entrepreneurial training programs and mentoring schemes for staff and students)

Action 3

Crowd Innovation Action (Domain 3; Action: Create structures and conditions for innovation-driven research)

Action 6

International Open Innovation Training (Domain 4; Develop or improve innovation and entrepreneurial curricula)


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