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Innovation anD Entrepreneurship Actions and Trainings for hIgher educatiON

The project intends to transform participating Higher Institutes of Education (HEIs) into universities of significantly increased entrepreneurial and innovation capacity and to enhance their impact on surrounding ecosystems.

IDEATION sees a path in HEIs transformation towards universities of increased entrepreneurial and innovation capacity through Open Science by implementing an Innovation Vision Plan (IVAP).

Project in numbers

5 Countries

2 years

€ 1.200.000

Recent News

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Phase 2a – Wrap Up
19 Mar 10:30 am

Phase 2a of our project has successfully come to an end in December 2023, owing much to...

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Empowering Innovation: Hunger4Innovation competition in the Canary Islands. 
24 Jan 01:01 pm

University of La Laguna is a partner in IDEATION, a European-funded project dedicated to strengthening entrepreneurship in...

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A boost for innovation: HIT’s five new projects 
15 Jan 11:09 am

Our partner HIT (The Holon Institute of Technology) has started five new projects in 2023, thanks to...

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HIT Remote Lab for IoT and Robotics: A Key Player in Innovation 
18 Dec 12:04 pm

Our partner, the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT), has enhanced the Remote Lab for IoT and Robotics,...


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