By participating in HEI Initiative, the IDEATION project intends to transform each participating HEI into universities of significantly increase entrepreneurial and innovation capacity and to enhance their impact on sorrounding ecosystem through: the implementation of a number of dedicated actions boosting inno0vativeness and transfer best practices between the consortium entities.

All this will be done following Specific Objectives:

To digitally open resources, raise awarness, enable acess to competences, experiences & infrastructure existing in Project Partners locations & their regions though a new format of digital service.

To strenghten partnerships within the knowledge triangle by creating space for setting up collaborative networks and creating opportunities for establishing new cooperation.

To test and popularize Open Innovation based approaches to directly speed up the innovation process within HEIs and their ecosystems.

To increase the quality of innovation and support entrepreneurial education by Pre Incubation Program and International Open Innovation Training.

Specific Objective 1

Specific Objective 2

Specific Objective 3

Specific Objective 4